The museum of a valuable and magnificent heritage

The Islamic heritage museum is established in order to save the valuable Islamic heritage based on five elements to represent Islamic thoughts

The calligraphy

Our calligraphy is a museum of Iran’s grandees, from Mir Emad to Gholamreza Isfahani, which can show the hand’s art and the beauty of Iranians’ calligraphy to the world

The architecture

The architecture is a museum of analogies and ideas that can take the Islamic architecture to the top and this can support collecting the Islamic architecture heritage


The library

The library is a museum of books that scientifically support the Islamic heritage museum in order to add some things to the world’s science



The gallery

It is a museum for the companion of Islamic heritage museum with artists to be a connector of the Islamic art’s trace and the history.

The music

The tune hall is a museum of melodious and natural tunes that their roots are in peoples’ hearts in order to represent the remainder of Islamic heritage’s beauty